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Now Hiring! 
Summer Assistant Coach

About Us:
Beyond Climbing offers specialized coaching tailored for neurodivergent climbers. Currently, we are using rock climbing as an educational tool to help local children with ADHD build confidence and develop skills that they can use at home, in school, and in their relationships. In 2025, we will expand our program to support children with Dyslexia.
We provide personalized training plans tailored to each client's unique needs, including accredited Trauma-Informed coaching services.
- Collaborate with head coach to develop individualized training programs
- Follow the custom coaching plan and coach climbing sessions for various skill levels
- Train and provide constructive feedback to climbers
- Write session reviews 
- Ensure a safe and inclusive climbing environment
- Passion for climbing and a strong understanding of climbing technique
- Previous coaching or climbing instruction experience 
- Knowledge of safety procedures and equipment usage
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
-Ability to effectively manage risk for 1-3 children in a climbing gym
Summer Schedule: Weekdays between 3-5pm
School Year Schedule: Weekdays between 4-8pm
Application Deadline:
June 15th, 2024
Please send resume and a brief cover letter 

How to Become a Part of Beyond Climbing

Are you fascinated by the cognitive impact of climbing? Do you love to support others? Join Us!



Climbers! Counselors! Experiential Education Teachers!

Psychology, Social Work & Therapy Interns! 

Do you have experience working or playing with neurodiverse children?

Are you interested in the field of Climbing Therapy? 

Current Opening: 2 Volunteers for

The SPOT Louisville


Drop us a line here!



Therapists: Psychotherapists!  Cognitive Behavioral Therapists! Occupational Therapists! 

Are you interested in using rock climbing as a pedagogical tool with your clients? Do you need a facilitator to accompany your clients as they work on their goals in an experiential way? 

We work directly with therapists and educators so we can all be on the same page with each client's needs and exciting progress! 


If you currently work with children who are neurodivergent and want to explore ways to be involved, please reach out through our Contact Form or email 



Climbing Gear, Gym memberships, therapy consultations, educational resources -- they are all expensive! A successful climbing coach once told us, "Money should never be the reason a kid can't climb." We think so too.  


Contribute here so we can reassure families that price won't limit accessibility if they need extra support.

*Sponsorship Page Coming Soon!*

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